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Interviews with Emancipated Women

I was captivated by the flash of colourful strength in her eyes, the giving, joyful smile, the long, expressive hair, at once vibrant and defiant, the luminescent complexion, and most of all the power emanating from her when she walks – her hips! A body in liberation. No coy, shy, rehearsed submission – eyes down, small and helpless – oh no! In place of that a real spirit, a vigour, something new and hitherto unseen! No sign of immitation, of adhering to the magazine codes and dressing up rules, rather a creative individual who looks truly feminine to me. I was compelled to communicate to this wordly goddess and ask how it is she manages to embody her own power like this.


Una is an artist who currently works in an office as a finance specialist. She will soon leave her job in order to pursue a career on the international stage.

Laurenne: When do you feel powerful?

Una: When I come off the stage. At these moments I feel full of everything, as though I am at my greatest. I feel as though I am shining and I glow with satisfaction. I feel very happy and very powerful. Before I go out onto the stage I feel physically weak. It is the conquering of the fear and the exposure of all my emotions before the audience that brings me to the experience of my own power. I have been completely true to myself and what I feel in front of an audience of people, and I have tried not to care about judgement.

Laurenne: What do you physically feel?

Una: I feel a boost of energy that needs to be released. I feel completely present in the moment and all my senses are heightened, I feel highly aware. At that moment any need I experience with regard to my desire to be fulfilled by a man has disappeared. I feel whole, and I feel part of the world.

Laurenne: Are there any instances in day-to-day life where you experience a similar state?

Una: When I am on my bike I feel a similar sensation of being at one with myself and not having excessive mental noise. Things seem to clear and I can witness myself. I think in general I am most powerful when I am not caring, when I press the f***-it button! When I cease worrying about acceptance. I feel most empowered when I am not seeking external validation and when I am relaxed in myself, just being at one with who I am and with the world.

Laurenne: Are you able to say no to a man?

Una: Yes, but every time I have it has meant the end of the relationship.

Laurenne: Do you feel power specifically as a woman, and if so where does it reside?

Una: I feel a lot of power in my hips. My hips and the area around my hips are the part of my body I truly appreciate. The men I have been together with have also loved this part of my body, I really feel my femininity resides there. I feel very free and able to express myself when I move my hips and this is a big reason for my love of dance.


From Una’s words it seems there is something about being creative that empowers her. When Una embraces the creative impulse and follows it through she achieves a sense of oneness with herself, moreover with the world. As women there is often a yearning for connection, for relationship, perhaps even a sense of isolation and a feeling of needing to merge into the other. Embracing the creative impulse provides a way of being at one with something greater than youself  through expressing yourself. You are alone, yet you are not alone.

We should be creating opportunities for the self, that deepest part of us, to experience itself i.e. finding a space in which we can express our own freedom. In this way we will be able to explore the mystery and magnificence of who we are.

If we find ourselves feeling incomplete or alone, isolated or dissatisfied this is the beginning of the process. This can be a platform, a launching pad to throw ourselves into throw ouselves wholeheartedly into something that takes us out of ourselves. This dissatisfaction is often the voice of something that is an impetus towards wanting to evolve/ wanting to be liberated/ wanting to engage more deeply with life.

There will be clues in your life right now as to how that can manifest in your life. Just start by asking yourselves where you feel specially fulfilled in your own life, where you feel your power resides and where you feel connected to something that lies beyond your own epxerience. When you experience this feeling of wholeness that Una feels post performance and when she is on her bike it is possible to come into an awareness that alienation is an illusion.

Thank you ladies,



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