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Smiling to my Self


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Quote of the Month

“Girls are taught: your body is a project that needs work before you can attract others.
Boys are taught: your body is a tool to master the environment.”

Caroline Heldman

I think this is painfully true. That it is true is indisputable, women are viewed as sex objects end of story. In films, on the street, at the beginning of relationships, in the office. We are bombarded with images in magazines of conventionally attractive women. Yes the female form is beautiful! Why should this truth be painful? It is painful because it has become the main source of a woman’s sense of self. If she doesn’t look good to others and doesn’t receive external affirmation that she looks good to others, her identity is shot down to the ground, up in flames, her worst fears are realised. It is painful because a woman is too often numb to her own desires and own sense of self and identity that stretch beyond this need to please, this need to present to the world an image that serves a purpose. Beyond this image lies more often that not an unlived self that is too scared to emerge for fear of rejection. More often that not this self is extraordinarily beautiful and as teh true self it is the self that has to be liberated and lived out. That is what we should work towards emancipating.

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